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Hi, I'm Jenn. I'm a wife/mom/teacher and lover of all things creative. I hate brussel sprouts more than anything and my idea of hell is having to give somebody a pedicure. I cannot stand to touch popsicle sticks or wooden kitchen utensils and I don't floss as much as I should. I LOVE photography and cooking and one day want to live in Spain - for a while. I talk too much, sleep too little and am the world's worst driver. I'm an Oklahoma girl at heart but find myself in the Land of Lincoln where everybody talks about Da Bears and says they're from Chi-cahhhhh-go and no one seems to notice that the winters here are RIDICULOUS. Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the world wide web. See ya'll real soon I hope!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

So every night when I put my chunk o' burnin' love, almost 2 year old down in his crib, I always say the "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" prayer for him.  ( btw - I say the one that has angels watching through the night - not the dying in my sleep one. SHEESH!)  Anyway, tonight I started in on the prayer and my bouncing baby linebacker looked up at me and said "No, no. Come Lord Jesus..."  So at his request, I switched it up and said the blessing we say before dinner.  I mean, it's still a shout out to God, right?  He was pleased as punch and clapped and cheered when I was done.  This kid, he just kills me.
Amen.  :)

And so it begins...

Hello?  Is anybody out there?  Tap. Tap.  Is this thing on?  Hi.  I'm Jenn, and although the title of my blog would tend to lead you to believe otherwise, I am not necessarily a Cute Patoot.  In fact, a better description might be Smart-Arse Patoot or Fiesty Patoot or sometimes a plain old CRAZY Patoot.  But, it's who I am and I make no apologies.  As I bear down upon my (undisclosed) next glorious year of life I'm starting to take things much less seriously.  I mean honestly I am who I am and although there are always going to be things about me that I'd love to improve or change, at the end of the day it's really not all that bad. 
Anyhoo - let's talk about me (now that I have you as my captive audience).  Who am I?  I'm a wife to the greatest guy in the world (No, really.  Seriously.  My friends like him more than they like me I think!)  He gave me a second chance at happiness and love (literally) and I still get that fluttery feeling when he looks at me.  (CHUH-EEEE-ZZZZY!!!)  I'm a mom to 2 of the cutest cute patoots on this earth and I'm a high school teacher and aspiring photographer.  I love to cook and run and read.  I unashamedly admit that I LIVE to watch GLEE, the Bachelor, Survivor, American Idol and ANYTHING of Food Network.
My family is awesome - my mom is redefining her life after losing my precious dad and my big brother is finally getting his happy ending.  He's marrying a great girl in May!
So it's my hope that my little blog will somehow connect with you awesome people in some way.  Perhaps you are a teacher too.  Maybe you can't figure out why you are "reasonably intelligent" but absolutely cannot get the hang of shooting in manual.  Maybe you have kids and you just need to commiserate about all the joys and challenges they bring to life.  Or, maybe you have absolutely nothing in common with me, but you want to read anyway!  Whatever your reason is - I'm so glad you're here and I hope you'll stop back by when you get the hankerin'!